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A Contagious Web Series

Shocking! Disturbing! Inspiring!


~4 Seasons / 24 Episodes~

Each episode approximately 10 minutes long

ending with a hook motivating the viewer onward. 

Now In Production - Coming Soon!

(See Trailer Below)



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VIRAL Trailer

VIRAL Trailer

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A not-so-distant dystopian future: the "Great Police Riots" have resulted in law enforcement’s retreat from the poor, inner-city communities, now known as “No Police Districts." Citizens living in low-income communities must fend for themselves.  In this world, justice belongs only to the wealthy and those willing to take it by force -- Vigilantism has become the new normal.

Full Script Here

Clementine Jones, a rape crisis counselor, exposes a serial rapist via viral video and inadvertently launches a nationwide movement of female vigilantes.  By creating an underground network, by way of a dark web app entitled "V.I.R.A.L.", she leads her female army toward an inevitable clash with organized law enforcement.



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Victims of Incest, Rape, Abuse Liberation


V.I.R.A.L. is a professionally produced web series with a hard vigilante edge. It is purposely designed to shock, disturb, empower and inspire, entertainingly. And to reach a wider audience, attracting many who would otherwise be unreachable with a softer story (see preview). #shockandawe #realism #truth


If the 2017 Women's March taught us anything, it's that global feminism is alive and well.  We watched as millions bravely stood arm-in-arm in solidarity for basic human rights.  In a world filled with injustice and inequality, our increasingly marginalized citizenry needs more stories that uplift and influence emerging generations. #motivate #galvinize


And there's more. Our passion is to take this cause viral, by mobilizing an army of viral vigilantes whose ultimate weapon’s of choice are storytelling and tough love, the emphasis on “tough.” #film #socialmedia #resiliant #uncompromising



1. Committed to maintaining a high production value standard. Our initial creative team comes experienced and equipped to create and produce at an extremely high level (“About Us” above). The team will continue to expand and grow.  #professional #quality


2. V.I.R.A.L.'s expansion will focus on providing equal opportunities for women filmmakers, creating a platform from which female writers, producers, directors, DP's, and editors can showcase their talents, thereby launching successful careers as storytellers. #balance #equality 


3. Paying it forward.  So many young artists need a proving ground for gaining practical production experience.  Our goal is to build a mentoring program that offers entry level opportunities to young filmmakers who would otherwise never step foot on a live set. #experience #startingpoint 


4. Most importantly, to raise awareness regarding the snowballing scourge of sexual assault, abuse and domestic violence worldwide.  V.I.R.A.L. aims to champion victims, encouraging them to stand up, speak out, and get help.  Every Webisode will conclude with a link to an appropriate charitable organization offering support and help with abuse issues. A percentage of all proceeds will go toward helping victims of domestic violence. #compassion #liberation #intervention



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